Underwater Camera Hire Cairns

Cairns Digital Underwater Camera Hire – situated at Reef Fleet Terminal

Cairns’ best digital underwater camera hire is at Calypso Reef Imagery, conveniently located at Reef Fleet Terminal, where most of the day tour boats depart from.

Your Picture = Our Passion! Our mission is to provide you with an underwater camera which best suits your needs and experience levels. Open 7 days a week, our Cairns digital underwater camera hire starts at just $39 per day and includes free professional advice from expert photographers / videographers.


Calypso Reef Imagery: Cairns Underwater Digital Camera Hire Packages

Panasonic Lumix FT6

Panasonic Lumix FT6

Lumix FT6 – from $39.00

Daily Rental Price
Own Card $39.00
8 GB Card $49.00
8 GB card Premium $59.00
2 days – 16GB Card $79.00
3 days – 16GB Card $99.00

Olympus TG4

Olympus TG4

Olympus TG4 – from $49.00

Daily Rental Price
own card $49.00
8GB Card $59.00
8GB Card Premium $69.00
2 days – 2 Days 16GB Card $89.00
3 days – 3 Days 16GB Card $109.00

GoPro Hero 5 Black

GoPro Hero 5 Black

Gopro Hero5 Black – from $49.00

Daily Rental Price
Own micro SD $49.00
8 GB micro SD $59.00
16 GB micro SD $69.00
32 GB micro SD $89.00
2 days – 32 GB micro SD $109.00

Ikelite DS51 Substrobe

Ikelite DS51 Substrobe

DS51 Substrobe – from $30.00

Daily Rental Price
DS51 unit $30.00
Additional Days $20.00

Light & Motion Sola light

Light & Motion Sola light

SOLA LED light – from $35.00

Daily Rental Price
SOLA Photo 800 $35.00
SOLA Video 2000 $45.00
Additional days $25.00

Intova HD2 Actioncam

INTOVA Actioncam – from $39.00

Daily Rental Price

Cairns Best Underwater Digital Camera Hire: Why Choose Calypso Reef Imagery

  1. You get to keep the SD card! Don’t waste your valuable holiday time waiting for us to transfer your images to DVD / memory stick: simply return the camera and take the SD card with you.
  2. Convenient Pick-up. We are located right at the Reef Fleet Terminal, the departure point for most of the Cairns Great Barrier Reef day tours. Our office is open from 7am daily. You can collect your camera the day before your trip (any time after 2.30pm) or the morning of your trip.
  3. Cameras Suited To Your Needs. 95% of snorkelers and divers have not used an underwater camera before, so we rent cameras which are EASY to use, with PRESET underwater settings. All you need to do is point and shoot. We even provide extra batteries.
  4. You Can Not Flood Our Cameras*. This is very important, so you can have a carefree snorkel or dive without the worry of having to pay for a damaged camera. We rent our range of underwater cameras with premium waterproof housings. Therefore, we have no need to zip tie the housing shut, which prevents you from changing batteries should they go flat, or changing SD cards etc. * Lumix FT4 models only.
  5. The Newest Cameras. We replace our cameras before they reach 1 year old, so you get trouble free photography.
  6. Best Prices in Cairns. Our underwater camera hire starts from as little as $39 per day! Multiple days for extra $20 per day based on premium 8 GB package
  7. Free, Professional, Great Barrier Reef Images. Receive up to 100 FREE professional images with selected packages.
  8. WE ARE FRIENDLY, PROFESSIONAL and PASSIONATE about the Great Barrier Reef!

Calypso Reef Imagery: Our Cairns Underwater Digital Camera Hire Inclusions

  • Professional tuition on how to take great underwater photos
  • Backup batteries and SD cards
  • Protective Pelican Case
  • You get to keep the SD card!

Calypso Reef Imagery provides professional filming and photography services on most Cairns Great Barrier Reef day tours. Our team is on the reef each and every day and will give you the very best advice on current conditions, underwater visibility and getting picture perfect underwater photos.

We pride ourselves as being ocean ambassadors and hope our enthusiasm in capturing imagery to share and protect this magnificent environment is infectious to you.

For professional, convenient and friendly Cairns digital underwater camera hire at the right price, contact Calypso Reef Imagery today on phone (07) 4041 5581 or email images@calypsoproductions.com.au