Cairns Digital Photography Courses

Cairns Digital Photography Courses

Calypso Reef Imagery runs a great range of digital photography courses, on land and under the water. Drawing on years of experience behind the lens, these courses are designed to provide helpful tuition and advice to everyone from the beginner to the intermediate photographer.

Cairns Photography Workshops

Cairns Photography Workshops

Have you ever wondered what makes a great photo? Photography and the imagery produced are so infused in our daily lives, that we are surrounded by stunning pictures all the time. Learn how to capture these yourself with one of our Cairns digital photography courses, including:

  • Better Photography Workshop Course
  • Cairns Underwater Photography Course (must be a certified scuba diver to participate)
  • Cairns Personalised Photography Workshop Course

Hosted by professional photographers, the Calypso range of Cairns digital photography courses is designed to help you learn how to take photos, on your own camera. Some of the things you will learn include composition, camera features, automatic and manual settings (what is the difference and why use manual), using a flash / strobe and digital editing.

Our photo tutors provide one-on-one advice and take you to some stunning Cairns and Great Barrier Reef locations, to practice your skills and take sample images. There are take home photo assignments and notes and your images will be critiqued by our professionals, providing constructive feedback, to help you take better photos.


Better Photography Workshop Course

Cairns Photography Courses

The Cairns Better Photography Workshop Course includes over 14 hours of group and personalised tuition, spread out over one month. The maximum number of participants is six (6) and the course is suited to introductory / intermediate first time SLR usersmore info.

Underwater Photography Course

Cairns Underwater Photography Courses

The Cairns Underwater Photography Course includes over 20 hours of group and personalised tuition, spread out over one month. The course is suited to intermediate to advanced photographers, wanting to take their photography underwatermore info


Cairns Personalised Photography Workshop Course

Award-winning photographer and film maker Stuart Ireland brings his students over 15 years of international and local experience in these Cairns personalized photography workshop courses. Renowned for his underwater imagery, a keen eye for detail and filming off the beaten track, he generously passes his knowledge on to others. These courses are tailored to just 1 or 2 people at a time. To register your interest, please contact Stuart Ireland on phone (07) 4041 5581 or email

If you want to learn to take better photographs, then these Cairns digital photography courses are for you: available in group or private / smaller class sizes. For more information, please contact Calypso Reef Imagery on phone (07) 4041 5581 or email